Wise hot water habits in your bathroom

Incredibly, your electric element geyser is responsible for up to half of your monthly electricity bill!

Here are five low-cost or no-cost things you can do in your bathroom to lower your bill and put money in your pocket in 2016:

1. Shower instead of taking a bath; a 5-minute power-shower uses less hot water and, as a result, your geyser would use less energy to reheat the smaller volume of “replacement” cold water after your shower.

2. Fit energy and water saving showerheads; their flow rate is less than 10 litres per minute and will make your geyser use even less energy.

3. Install flow restrictors on your taps; they mix water with air and, as a result, reduce hot water use per tap.

4. Don’t let hot water run unnecessarily; always use plugs in your basins.

5. Use cold water to wash your hands and brush your teeth.

Apart from these low-cost interventions, the most effective measure by far to reduce your water heating costs is to replace your electric element geyser with a solar water heating system or heat pump.

• A heat pump can achieve potential savings of up to 22%, while a solar water heating system can reduce your electricity bill by up to 24%.

Importantly, switch off your geyser between 5pm and 9pm, the period of peak demand for electricity in the residential sector in South Africa.

• Moreover, immediately act upon red Power Alerts you see on television by switching off your geyser; all other electricity intensive appliances such as your pool pump, stove, dish washer, washing machine and tumble dryer; and all unnecessary lights.