Cowan House leads the green revolution

RECOGNISED for their award-winning recycling village, Cowan House ­Preparatory School is focused on turning completely green.

The Hilton-based primary school was placed fourth in KwaZulu-Natal last year for their efforts in recycling, gathering over 20 000 kg in recycling material.

Cowan House eco-programme head Sally Evans said the school had been ­recycling for the last six years and was very proud of the progress the school had made in their eco-programme.

“We have inter-class competitions every month to encourage our pupils to recycle. We have already gathered around 11 000 kg in recyclable material,” said Evans. “Last year, we had 26 families from the school who were regular recyclers and this year we have 52 families who come to our recycling village every week.”
Evans said the pupils and their parents all showed great enthusiasm toward the eco-programme and their recycling village.

The school also recently acquired a wetland that they were looking to develop with other schools who were interested. “Our dream would be to develop the wetland into an environmental learning centre, but that is a long-term project.”
In the meantime, Cowan House has cleared the alien invasive plants from the wetland and are finding that frogs, birds and snakes are gradually returning to the wetland.

“The birds are flying in and the frogs are coming back which shows that the wetland is recovering,” said Evans.

She said that environmental awareness was ongoing in the school and had started to come naturally to pupils and teachers.

“We have a system called ‘getting zapped’, in our school. If a teacher leaves a classroom light on, they will get ‘zapped’ and the teacher and their class pay a R1 fine.
“Every teacher tries to bring the environment into their class,” said Evans.

Published by News24.